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Archaeology unlocks our understanding of the past through material culture and scientific analysis. With this understanding, we can change the way we precede our very own paths and history. The world around us is constantly changing and so is our understanding of our ancestry. Modern day archaeologist are at the cutting edge of Human research and understanding.

On the website, your find links to my blog, projects and further development information on the ongoing Open Archaeology/Heritage app! Your also find all things to do with history and archaeology including news, University rankings, support, ways to get into archaeology and how to view it as a feasible and potential career path. If you want to keep up to date with all the latest news from us, then please give us a like/follow on Facebook and Twitter, here all the latest blog post links will be sent too so feel free to also get in contact through these means or via the contact page located above.

If you would like to contribute in anyway then use the Forum linked in the Archive where you can upload your own site reports and pictures. This database currently has over 100 sites registered with many more to come. Please ask for permission before any use of this material seen on the Database and this website.


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