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Welcome to the new Ginger Archaeology Website.


Archaeology unlocks our understanding of the past through material culture and scientific analysis. With this understanding, we can change the way we precede our very own paths and history. The world around us is constantly changing and so is our understanding of our ancestry. Modern day archaeologist are at the cutting edge of Human research and understanding.

On the website, your find links to my blog, projects and further development information on the ongoing Open Archaeology/Heritage app! Your also find all things to do with history and archaeology including news, University rankings, support, ways to get into archaeology and how to view it as a feasible and potential career path. If you want to keep up to date with all the latest news from us, then please give us a like/follow on Facebook and Twitter, here all the latest blog post links will be sent too so feel free to also get in contact through these means or via the contact page located above.

If you would like to contribute in anyway then use the Forum linked in the Archive where you can upload your own site reports and pictures. This database currently has over 100 sites registered with many more to come. Please ask for permission before any use of this material seen on the Database and this website.


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Here you can access the main site database. You can sign up to use this system for free, this will in turn allow you to enter your own sites into the database, as well as start discussions using the forum tools and social media style interface.

I am updating the database at this time with sites from Lincolnshire, Derbyshire and Wales, however more sites will come soon!

Currently the database is set up for Great Britain, Wales and Scotland however Europe and the rest of the world will be added at a later date. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me through the contact page.

​Butterbump Round Barrows is a local site to me. The complex covers around about 3 acres and contains 5 protected mounds, and around 15 ploughed out features that also appear to be mounds. The site dates from the Mesolithic to Iron age with finds dating across the ages. This site appears to be extremely important due to its unusual size and location, however no research has been done on the site until now.

The area itself is littered with settlements dating from the Mesolithic to the Romans, making it an extremely busy and urban area full of economic and religious activity. Its possible that 2 settlements lye adjacent the site on the North and South however more research is needing to be done to unlock this ancient landscape.

The Forgotten Past Project is the most ambitious project I’ve started to date. The project looks at an area between Barmouth and Harlec in North Wales, This will require local volunteers and archaeologist to survey the almost untouched and immaculate archaeology that spreads across this magnificent coast line and mountain range just on the edge of the Snowdonia national park.The aim is to conduct a number of magnetometry and Lidar surveys across the at least 7 hill forts, 30 Barrows (Neolithic to Iron Age in date) and around about 7 stone circles with this just being the tip of the archaeological remains present. The final outcome of this project will be a documentary exploring what archaeology can tell us about out landscapes through non-intuitive methods.

Kepier Woods is located just outside Durham to the North East. Resting in the valley of the River Wear we find an Industrial heritage that dates back at least 200 years. The main mine shafts were driven in the 1900’s and a lot of the original 1800 Bell pits are still visible in the woods today. Click on the link to read more about the history of these woods.  

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Nettleton Iron Stone Mines are located just between Brigg and Lincoln in the pictures Lincolnshire Wolds. Not many people realise that Lincolnshire has a long history of Mine workings and as such it’s an important history that I feel is worth saving and educating people about. The Iron stone mines as Nettleton are extremely well preserved and hopefully this project will led to restoration opportunities to restore and preserve this unique and often overlooked part of Lincolnshire’s history.

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Ever looked for a career in archaeology or want to go into it for further study? Well look no further, this page will explain the in’s and out’s along as links to pages about excavations, Uni rankings and Job prospects.